Our Dream


    Transparent & Reliable Platform

    Our aim is to setup a secure ecosystem where dedicated freelance security researchers from all around the world willingly gather their talent and energy to outsmart and outperform the malicious cyber attacks.


    Collective Brainpower

    The collective talent and intelligence of ethical hackers backed up by the technology of AI&ML is the only way we see the cyberworld becoming a trusted and secure-enough place for both individuals and organizations.


    Continuous Security

    Along with new technologies, new threats and vulnerabilities emerge. We believe that being effective against ever-changing cyber threats is only possible with a wide range of risk detection methods.


    Why Should You Prefer Ecosystem?

    Protecting digital assets is a common concern, and a safer world is possible only through cooperation.
    That's why at Bugbounter, we have established an ecosystem of freelance researchers committed to discovering cyber security vulnerabilities so that organizations can always be prepared against cyber threats. Our platform brings together a network of ethical hackers and security researchers with organizations, enabling security teams to test their risks for any asset they wish.

    Transparent Process

    The entire award process on the Bugbounter platform runs on blockchain. We ensure that the system operates in a transparent and reliable manner.


    Crowdsourced Security

    We provide numerous testing opportunities with an ecosystem of hundreds of creative and talented cybersecurity researchers. Thus, you discover vulnerabilities that current penetration testing methods would hardly uncover.


    Global Support

    The Bugbounter platform includes hundreds of global researchers that have passed through various background checks, vetting processes and monitoring in its ecosystem. Due to the diverse skill set of researchers, vulnerabilities are found much faster - often within the same day.



    Bugbounter rewards only the verified vulnerabilities (verified by its community of experts). This way, you receive a high quality service with a reasonable budget and you only pay for the reports that contribute to your asset security.

    Our Lead Team

    gathers best practices on three critical dimensions for this startup


    Arif Gürdenli

    Business Lead


    30+ years of experience in strategy, change, leadership and management consulting.

    Currently leads the Bugbounter startup and builds the client-researcher-investor ecosystem.


    Ozan Vakar

    Technology Lead


    30+ years of experience in developing software and managing development teams.

    Currently leads our developer team and innovation in our technology.


    Murat Lostar

    Security Lead


    30+ years of experience in cyber-security as a specialist, consultant and manager of experts.

    Currently leads all cyber security expertise field for our platform and clients.

    Our Advisory Board

    brings highly valuable input to our success from a broad range of experience


    Dr. Çağlan Kuruner

    General Manager at Zade Vital Pharmaceutical

    Brings in 25+ years of experience in sales & marketing as a senior executive and 6 years of doctor


    Ersan Bayraktar

    Partner at Airbus Helicopter Services and Soft Commodities business for Bayegan Group

    Brings in 30+ years of experience in manufacturing and international trade as an entrepreneur


    Hasan Çalışlar

    Principal at Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Architecture

    Brings in 25+ years of experience in design & user experience as an architecture and entrepreneur


    Kerem Erginoğlu

    Principal at Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Architecture

    Brings in 30+ years of experience in design & user experience as an architecture and entrepreneur


    Kerem Erman

    Angel Investor

    Brings in 25+ years of experience in manufacturing, finance and management of global multi-billion-dollar revenue businesses as a board member


    Mehmet Gürs

    Chef & Food Entrepreneur

    Brings in 25+ years of experience in building successful brands, innovation and customer experience as an entrepreneur


    Ömür Yarsuvat

    Attorney-at-Law & Partner at Yarsuvat & Yarsuvat Law Firm

    Brings in 30+ years of experience in corporate and commercial law, contract management and M&A


    Tolga Tuğlular

    Chief Executive Officer/Partner at Cirera Capital Ltd.

    Brings in 30+ years of experience in finance, capital markets, strategy and risk management as an investment banker

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