Our Dream

    Absolute certainty

    There is an absolute certainty that our digital presence is and will be under attack by malicious individuals, groups, organizations and even countries. It’s just a matter of time, if you haven’t suffered from it yet, but you will!

    The ecosystem

    However, we believe that we can setup an ecosystem where dedicated dreamers of a hack-free world willingly gather their talent and resources to outsmart and outperform the darkside.

    Collective brainpower

    Collective brainpower of ethical hackers backed up by the technology of AI&ML is the only way we see the cyberworld becoming a trusted and secure-enough place for both individuals and organizations.


    Our Lead Team

    gathers best practices on three critical dimensions for a successful startup

    Arif Gürdenli

    Business Lead

    20+ years of experience in strategy & management consulting and new business development as a managing consultant.

    Currently leads the Bugbounter startup business and builds the client-hacker-investor ecosystem.

    Ozan Vakar

    Technology Lead

    30+ years of experience in developing software and managing development teams.

    Currently leads Globit Inc. delivering software solutions for financial institutions and partners with multi-national leading software providers.

    Murat Lostar

    Security Lead

    25+ years of experience in cyber-security as a specialist, consultant and manager of experts.

    Currently leads Lostar Inc. providing consulting services around cybersecurity needs for major corporations in EMEA region.