BugBounter, the platform that brings companies and ethical hackers together to find security vulnerabilities, entrusted their communication efforts to Marginal Porter Novelli.

    BugBounter, which quickly and transparently addresses the need for companies to find vulnerabilities through crowdsourcing, shook hands with Marginal Porter Novelli for communication studies.

    Ethical hackers in the security researcher ecosystem in the bounty hunting program, which forms the basis of BugBounter’s business model, can bring better results than companies’ security teams and automated tests. Bounty hunting programs stand out as the most effective option in this area, as the cost to find the most critical vulnerabilities can be much more affordable than cyber security consulting companies.

    The company can open its bounty hunting programs to all hackers on the platform, as well as send special invitations to the hacker audience who meet only the criteria they set.

    Companies that do not consider bounty hunting are recommended to prefer the Vulnerability Reporting Program. Thanks to this program, hackers can easily report the vulnerability they find to the company via BugBounter instead of ignoring them. If the reported vulnerability is valid, companies can pass on any reward, gift or appreciation they desire to the relevant hacker.

    The BugBounter platform facilitates the work of companies and security researchers by managing the entire process end-to-end, from the publication of the announcement to the execution of the payments.