Ransomware exposes files when they don’t get the payment

    Each electronic device user transmits their own habits to their devices and performs critical transactions that require the sharing of important information. Therefore, personal data generated as a result of such transactions are also of vital importance. Being aware of this, cyber attackers demand high ransoms from the users they take control of the device with the ransomware they have developed, and if they do not send the crypto money they want, they disclose the files on the internet. In this period when the number of people accessing company systems remotely increases exponentially, BugBounter shares some tips to protect against ransomware.

    BugBounter, which quickly and effectively solves the need for companies to find vulnerabilities by crowdsourcing, conveyed the measures that can be taken to protect against ransomware, which is malware that targets critical data and systems for blackmail. Ransomware, which is among the most used attack methods, encrypts all accessible copies of data and tries to sell the key to the user. If the requested cryptocurrency is not paid within a period of time, this software discloses the data.

    Software patches must be applied to keep systems up to date
    Software patches are very important for security. Cyber ​​attackers using malware are working to infiltrate networks by taking advantage of vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities in software. According to a survey by security company Tripwire, one in three IT professionals said their company was infiltrated through an unpatched vulnerability. Crowdsourced penetration testing services are one of the most effective methods to confirm the validity of patches.

    Companies should educate their employees about suspicious emails
    Ransomware often spreads via email because it’s easy to send large amounts of email to each address. These trap messages, which were easily recognizable in the past, are now designed with highly sophisticated methods that are indistinguishable from the reality. As a result, it becomes one of the most common methods used by cyber attackers. Although this method is known, it is still very effective. Companies can calculate their risk by testing the potential for their users to fall into such phishing-style traps. In this area, crowdsourcing also provides an effective service because it has very different intelligence and methodologies.

    Which devices are connected to the network should be monitored
    Important data is stored on personal computers, cloud and servers. However, not only them, but also other devices of the users connect to the network. With the increase in the rate of people working remotely in companies, network access is now taking place from many different points. This rapid transformation increases the likelihood that cyber attackers will find a critical vulnerability. Therefore, recognizing requests from devices connected to the network is one of the most important areas of protection against malware. The right people who will find the risk of vulnerability of the remote access doors will be ethical hackers who use similar tools, methods and intelligence with hackers.

    The most important data should be determined and an effective backup strategy should be operated
    It is very important to make secure and up-to-date backups of important data for the organization to protect against cyber attackers. If the ransomware enters the system and captures some devices, the data can be reused with a recent backup and the related devices can become operational in a short time. Considering that the first move of a hacker aiming to hijack the system will be to cut access to backups, it is equally important to experiment with crowdsourcing where the backups are stored and to what extent they are available and interceptable.

    Develop and test a strategy against a ransomware attack
    A strategy to be developed against any disaster scenario should be a standard part of corporate plans. The scope of this strategy should go beyond cleaning the inside of all computers and installing backups, to what needs to be told to customers, suppliers and the press. The first reaction of the company that encounters such a scenario is to deny the situation or point out a different problem. On the other hand, the truth spreads quickly and the effort to cover up the situation undermines the trust in the company. Every company should remember that there is an undiscovered vulnerability. Timely testing of strategies to prevent a possible error can help prevent a bigger problem.

    Being a victim of a ransomware risks the loss of important personal or corporate data. Getting a ransomware into the device is as easy as clicking on the wrong link. Cyber ​​attackers, who usually request payments in bitcoins, both lose track of the money and thus have a serious income. When we look back, it is possible to see many ransomware attacks. When it captures a small SME, the tariff starts at 2 bitcoins, while it can go up to 200 bitcoins for a local e-commerce site with heavy traffic. He seized the Michigan State University NetWalk is, demolishing the UK’s health system wannacry or we approach the present day NASA’s IT spanning dopplepaym out of one of the contractors, and last month, including Turkey, Brazil, India, and is also the country operations such as the US Honda’s auto plant It is possible to list frightening examples such as stopping production. In order not to be among these examples, it is necessary to proactively pay attention and caution.