Data breaches will cause massive penalties for companies

    BugBounter warns companies of the penalties they may face in case of data breach. Companies that do not meet the requirements within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law and whose data is seized may face penalties of up to millions of USD.

    BugBounter, which quickly and effectively addresses the need for companies to find vulnerabilities with the independent research community registered on the platform, underlines that companies should continuously audit their systems and strengthen their defenses against penalties that may come after data breaches.

    Turkey on April 7, 2016 entered into force on Personal Data Protection of Personal Data Protection, which operates under the Law Committee, 2019 End as “to fulfill the obligations related to data security,” “breaches to notify determined within 72 hours,” a total of 14 million 100 thousand for reasons such as imposed an administrative fine of lira.

    It is possible to see examples of violations and penalties all over the world. Capital One, which suffered a major data breach in 2019, was fined $ 80 million by the authority for failing to establish the necessary risk assessment systems before transferring critical IT systems to the public cloud.

    With the new normal, companies no longer only need to protect their own networks, but also to ensure that their employees who connect from their homes are also safe from the internet. Otherwise, after the data breach that threatens all companies, the authorities are knocking on the door of companies with enormous penalties. In order to prevent major damaging causes and unwanted consequences, companies can see their vulnerabilities by having their systems tested on a controlled platform served by ethical hackers, and to prevent these problems, they can protect themselves by acting before malicious hackers. An option that can compete with the ethical hacker community in exploring areas where data breaches can occur does not seem to be in the near term.

    Among the possibilities offered by the BugBounter platform, the Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) stands out as the most suitable option to receive this service.