Career opportunities in Cyber ​​Security

    BugBounter, who established an ecosystem of freelance cyber security experts within the scope of a vision of a world without hacking, states that those who want to pursue a career in cyber security are increasing day by day.

    BugBounter, which quickly and effectively meets the need of companies to find vulnerabilities with the independent research community registered on the platform, states that there are many career opportunities in the sector in Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month.

    He shares that more and more people want to become a cyber security expert, who is the biggest trump card against cyber attacks that can damage the reputation of companies. This situation is also supported by research. 69 percent of respondents to the survey conducted by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium or (ISC) ² state that cyber security expertise is a good career opportunity.

    More cybersecurity professionals needed
    There are currently 2.8 million qualified individuals professionally involved in cybersecurity in the world. However, according to another study by (ISC) ², the number of cyber security experts needed has increased by 145 percent worldwide, reaching the level of 4.07 million. 65 percent of companies do not have enough cybersecurity employees, and it is not easy to find them even if they want to. For this reason, the importance of including crowdsourcing in the solution is increasing day by day.

    51% of respondents in (ISC) ²’s survey describe cybersecurity professionals as good people fighting cybercrime. This sentence is actually a short and beautiful summary of our work as BugBounter. Our platform includes many stakeholders such as institutions, independent researchers, validators, and more people are getting involved every day. All cyber security actors in the world need to work actively in order to eliminate the expert gap in the field of cyber security. As BugBounter, we are doing our part by creating a healthy employment and career opportunity for the young population who are especially interested in discovering cyber security vulnerabilities and making the internet a safer place. “