The bill for inadequate cybersecurity is very high

    More than two thousand cyberattacks take place around the world every day. If there is a deficit in the target system, destructive and costly consequences come with it. Building an ecosystem of freelance cybersecurity experts within the scope of a vision of a world free of hacking, BugBounter warns companies to test their cybersecurity in more creative ways.

    BugBounter, which quickly, economically and effectively solves the need of companies to find vulnerabilities with a community of hundreds of independent researchers registered on the platform, warns companies against cyberattacks that have noticeably increased with the pandemic.

    Cyber ​​attackers who developed WannaCry ransomware in 2018 demanded a £ 92 million ransom after they locked 16 hospitals under the British National Health System. A cyber attack targeting one of the largest patient chains in America recently resulted in the cancellation of operations in 250 hospitals and the hospital team returning to pen and paper. In September, a person died for the first time as a result of another cyber attack targeting the IT systems of a large hospital in Düsseldorf. At the beginning of the year, 15 million patient data from Canada’s largest medical testing company was leaked.

    With the virtualization of the whole world, the amount of data produced is increasing significantly, and the data itself becomes at least as important as money. For this reason, laws to prevent data leakage in countries gain more importance day by day. In the event of a possible data breach, the financial loss to be incurred by the company as well as legal penalties such as KVKK also increase the loss. It is possible for companies to minimize these possibilities by having their systems audited. Thanks to the researchers we have brought together on the platform as BugBounter, companies can safely have their systems audited by hundreds of creative and talented experts and can learn their weaknesses faster than malicious hackers and eliminate their vulnerabilities without any damage.