Healthcare industry is suffering against rapidly increasing ransomware

    FBI found that the TrickBot botnet, previously used in many large-scale attacks, targeted the healthcare industry.

    Cyber attacks against hospitals and healthcare providers has increased more than ever with the pandemic.

    Solving companies’ need to find cyber security vulnerabilities promptly, cost-efficiently and effectively with a community of hundreds of independent researchers registered on the platform, BugBounter draws attention to warnings against hospitals and healthcare providers of ransomware and cyber-attacks that have increased significantly.

    Cyber ​​attackers target the healthcare industry with TrickBot

    Cyber ​​attackers target the healthcare industry with TrickBot, which is used in ransomware attacks, data theft and disruption of healthcare services. This botnet is sent via malicious spam e-mail and can spread to the organization through an unsuspected recipient. It plays a role in installing malicious software such as ransomware on devices connected to the system after the financial and personal information of the recipient is compromised.

    Companies can test the security posture of their systems with hundreds of cyber security experts.

    The whole world is observing how important health is with COVID-19. Therefore, the impact of attacks on critical sectors such as health is much more devastating. Against such software that cyber attackers can skillfully use, companies need to back up their data regularly, keep the protection of their systems at the highest level, and protect offline backups with strong passwords. Companies can also see the durability of their systems by having them tested by cyber security experts. As BugBounter, we bring together hundreds of independent researchers on a single platform, and before companies are attacked, we can transparently discover, verify and report vulnerabilities that a cyber attacker can target. Thus, institutions can prevent many problems in a timely manner at a very affordable price compared to the data, reputation and financial losses they may experience.