Insurance companies are among the primary targets of cyber criminals

    Insurance companies, which contain personal data such as health and financial information of individuals, are becoming popular targets of cyber attackers.

    BugBounter helps companies prevent financial and reputational losses of up to million dollars by testing the cyber defenses of insurance companies and agents with hundreds of security researchers on its platform.

    BugBounter, which promptly, cost-efficiently and effectively solves the need for companies to find vulnerabilities with a trustworthy community of hundreds of independent researchers registered on the platform, warns insurance companies advancing in their digital transformation journey against cyber attacks.

    As in many other industries, companies in the insurance industry are using new channels and services to continue their business virtually and improve the experiences they offer to their customers. However, these new and digital methods also create opportunities for cyber attackers who want to steal their data.

    Therefore, insurance companies that have data centers consisting of documents used to identify the person such as name, TR ID number, date of birth, home address, family members, health information, and salary become an attractive target for cyber attackers due to the security vulnerabilities they are unaware of.

    Every company that increases its presence in the digital world also increases the risk of being attacked by cyberattacks. However, the way to meet the demands of customers and stand out in the competition is through digitalization and digital transformation. For this reason, companies in the insurance industry must constantly inspect the soundness of their systems. Unfortunately, annual penetration tests are not sufficient for this. Otherwise, as we have seen frequently in the past years, losses of up to million dollars can be experienced. Thanks to hundreds of security researchers from different countries, with different skill areas and using different techniques, we test the systems with a cyber-attacker point of view at an affordable cost, and we offer companies the key to strengthen themselves by showing the vulnerabilities that they are not aware of with validated reports.