Be Cyber Smart Against Cyber Threats

    Over 50% of SMEs are hacked every year. Many of them have no or basic cyber protection.

    As technology has been developing, people’s dependence and reliance on it is arising day
    by day, and as this happens, a new concept emerges: being cyber smart. We share our
    daily life on different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Sharing our
    lives and connecting with people has become an indispensable part of our lives. And with
    technology being a decisive part of companies being cyber smart is something everyone
    should do.

    What does “Cyber Smart” mean?

    Being Cyber Smart means being aware of the motivations and tactics of those who would
    attack your device’s security and adopting measures to protect yourself and the systems
    you are responsible for. It’s paramount to know the capabilities of the attackers you are
    defending against and think like the attacker as much as possible.

    Dark Side of Technology

    With the starting of the pandemic, whole world started living their both personal and
    professional lives online. This significant change made cyber smart even more important
    as people started sharing more delicate data through online systems due to COVID-19.

    Why Being Cyber Smart is Important?

    Most of us have a presence on social networks, even if it’s for business or personal use.
    Thus, we exchange large amounts of data every day and a cyber attack can penetrate
    into our system in no time. That means, we need to get cyber smart enough to protect
    our digital assets. To not jeopardize the security of your accounts and confidentiality of
    your sensitive files, everyone needs to be cyber smart. Don’t forget that it never hurts to
    have security software at your disposal. They can protect you while you are browsing,
    and we should also note that there are a good number of security software options to
    choose from.

    What to do to be Cyber Smart?

    First of all, remember to use a strong password! It should include numbers and special
    characters and not be too short and guessable. Additionally, you should use a different
    password for every single account you have. But having a strong password is not enough
    for your cyber security. To prevent your account from being accessed by cybercriminals,
    you should enable multi-factor authentication, which is also known as two-factor
    authentication (2FA). Enabling multi-factor authentication will allow you to use
    multiple types of credentials before logging into your account, like confirming access
    through your mobile phone. A cyber smart person thinks carefully before clicking on
    links or opening an attachment. Remember to keep your devices, browsers, and apps up
    to date. Protect your security by deleting sensitive information if you no longer need it,
    and if you see something questionable, do not hesitate to report it! If you are
    downloading a program or application, check the security and privacy features to know
    what can access your data or documents.

    As an essential part of our everyday and business lives, technology has a significant role
    in making almost everything much easier for us. Yet, we must remember that it also has
    a darker side, threatening our lives. Therefore, it is crucial to consider
    “being cyber smart” and learn how to apply it.  Click here to take the first step for
    being cyber smart!

    How to start being cyber smart:

    1. Use strong password!
    2. Enable Multi Factor Authentication
    3. Inspect your system to more than 1800 independent cyber security
       with BugBounter