Where does a good hacker work?

    Hacker is a person who knows the vulnerabilities in the internet network structure and computer systems and provides access to computers, servers and web sites by using these vulnerabilities. Also, hackers are those who steal personal and important data and prevent systems from working. But how do you become a good hacker?

    First of all, hackers should use their abilities for useful purposes. Cyber security is one of the fields where they can use these abilities and there is a great shortage of employees in this field. With the increasing use of the internet, the need for cyber security is also increasing. It is also thought that hacking will become a popular profession in the near future. So why do good hackers work in the Bug Bounty program and what are the superior skills of good hackers? In this article, we will discuss those who wonder about how to be a good hacker.

    Why do good hackers work on Bug Bounty programs?

    Bug Bounty is known as a monetary reward given to ethical hackers for discovering a security vulnerability and reporting it to the developer of the app. Known as the “Bug-Bounty” program in Turkish, Bug Bounty allows companies and institutions to leverage the ethical hacker community to regularly improve the security of their systems over time.

    Companies need to work with reliable hackers to get this support and solve their problems. For this reason, the most reliable and successful hackers work in Bug Bounty programs.

    Why do companies allow their own cybersecurity experts to work on Bug Bounty as well?

    Why do companies allow their own cybersecurity experts to work on Bug Bounty as well?

    With Bug Bounty programs, companies can block hackers to prevent exploitation of system vulnerabilities. These programs inform hackers about emerging vulnerabilities and offer financial rewards and an opportunity to prevent cyber attacks. Most companies that order bug bounty programs receive the first notification of emerging vulnerabilities in less than 24 hours. For this reason, companies often encourage their own cybersecurity teams to work in the Bug Bounty program. These programs are very important both for the development of the successful hacker and for the cyber security of the company.

    What are the superior skills of good hackers?

    Successful hackers have superior skills. These hackers are also called ethical hackers. So how do you become an ethical hacker? The hacker skills you need to acquire to become a succesful hacker are as follows:

    1. Programming skill

    All websites and software can be developed using different programming languages. The purpose of hackers is to gain access to the software. In order to access this software, you need to know the programming language used at a level to be able to develop the program and when it’s questioned how hackers work, programing skills are coming front. A good hacker should know these programming languages. With programming skills, they can detect and prevent errors that could compromise security.

    2. Linux

    One of the things a good hacker should be able to do is to gain server access. This means that to be a good hacker they need to know Linux. It is very important that they have a deep knowledge and understanding of this operating system.

    3. Database Management System

    Database management system is very important for a good hacker. This system is software used to create and manage databases. Malicious hackers often target the database. As a good hacker, it’s important to find weak spots that compromise databases so they can prevent malicious hackers.

    4. Networking skills

    Hackers must learn how computers are interconnected by networks and stay relevant by developing their skills. They must be good at discovering and dealing with security threats.

    5. Social Engineering

    Social engineering deals with manipulating people to access confidential information. This information can be passwords, financial details or personal data. Thanks to these skills, a good hacker can communicate with malicious hackers without revealing their intentions.

    How does the hacker improve himself?

    When it’s asked “how to be a good ethical hacker” it should be pointed out that they have to develop their skills and stay planned. Successful hackers usually work in a planned manner. If hacker does not work in a planned way, it is very difficult for them to achieve success. Hackers cannot constantly hack computers and systems. It takes a systematic study before they can hack a system. This work could take hackers’ days or even months. Moreover, a successful result is never guaranteed. For this reason, good hackers should improve themselves with various training programs.

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