Who Is a Hacker and What Are Hacker Colors?

    Hack means unauthorized access and a person who do hacking is called hacker. When hackers are mentioned, most people think of malicious individuals. However, not all hackers are malicious. Contrary to popular belief, hackers diversify and are divided into different groups that represented by colors. Hacker colors are as follows;

    ● White

    ● Black

    ● Gray

    What Do White Hat Hackers Do?

    White Hat Hackers are also known as bona fide hackers. A bona fide hacker does not break the security systems of a company or business with the intention of damaging it. On the contrary, white hat hackers’ purpose of hacking is to find the vulnerabilities and weak points of the system. With this feature, white hat hackers work in various software companies and contribute to the reliability of brands.

    Reliable hackers report the vulnerabilities they find in the system to the people or institutions that use and create the system. After this report, a certain period of time is given to eliminate the vulnerability and the system is not damaged during this period. Then they make announcements in various ways to inform the public. With these aspects, the white hat hacker is a well-intentioned, ethical and reliable hacker.

    What Do Black Hat Hackers Do?

    Black Hat Hackers are the group that comes to mind when people think of hackers. Black hat hackers are the opposite of white hat hackers. They also intrude into systems, but engage in various harmful actions such as information theft, terrorism, and fraud. If the black hat hacker cracks the software, it is called a “cracker”.

    What Do Gray Hat Hackers Do?

    Gray Hat Hackers are hackers who are worthy of the color they represent. So gray hat hackers can be good or malicious.

    Gray hat hackers generally work as white hat hackers but for various reasons, they can damage the systems like black hat hackers. The main reasons gray hat hackers start behaving like black hat hackers are because of their egos or their greed for quick money making. Long story short, the gray hat hackers are a group that stands right in the middle of the black and white hat hackers.

    How Can I Trust When Working With White Hat Hackers?

    When we compare white hat hackers with other hacker types, the most reliable hackers are undoubtedly white hat hackers. That’s why when companies decide to work with a hacker group, their first and only choice is white hat hackers.

    White hat hackers receive different trainings besides basic hacker training. They also have different certificates in order to be a white hat. When working with white hat hackers, you can trust them to have these certificates. Apart from that, you can take a look at their past work to fully trust the white hat hackers.

    Despite all this, if you do not trust white hat hackers, you can contact companies that work with ethical hackers. Bugbounter’s team of white hat hackers working 24/7 to protect companies’ digital assets are always here to provide cybersecurity support for your company. You can contact us for more information about our products and services.