Logistics companies facing cyber attacks during the holiday period

    Logistics services may be target of more cyber attacks, especially during the holiday
    season, when the shopping trend increases. Today, logistics companies, which many
    different people benefit from, have an important place in the global economy. For this
    reason, they can become the focus of cyber attackers during busy transaction periods. In
    this article, we will discuss why logistics companies should focus more to cyber security
    and what precautions they can take.

    Logistics companies should pay great attention to cyber security

    The logistics industry has intersections with many different industries. This sector, which
    provides services for a very wide supply chain, B2B and B2C, is also connected with
    airports, ports and railways. As such, a lot of data is collected in logistics companies in
    transactions carried out digitally. Cyber attackers also target companies with such data
    richness. Cyber attackers, who can make many different malicious attempts from data
    theft to ransom demand, target logistics companies especially during the holiday period
    when shopping increases. This situation can cause many negativities in terms of financial
    and reputation for logistics companies. In order not to face such negativities, companies
    need to take many precautions at the point of cyber security.

    In addition to all these, the logistics industry is also the critical supplier of many
    companies. Therefore, an undiscovered vulnerability affects not only itself, but also
    hundreds of companies it serves directly or indirectly. In this case, companies in the
    logistics sector also assume an important responsibility towards their stakeholders in
    terms of ensuring the security of their data.

    Attacks on logistics are on the rise

    Cyber threats spread to many different areas nowadays and when the data is analyzed
    with a focus on the logistics sector, it is seen that the attacks have increased. This
    situation shows the magnitude of the financial loss. In retrospect, it is reported that

    malicious software hidden in a document caused 300 billion pounds of damage in 2017,
    while cyber threats focused on the logistics industry have increased, especially in the last
    5 years. According to the data, maritime transport is most affected by cyber attacks. It is
    stated that since 2020, cyber attacks on maritime transport have increased by 400

    Safety tips for logistics companies to stay safe against cyber attacks

    There are some precautions that logistics companies can take against cyber attacks that
    they may encounter due to intense data accumulation and transfer. It is of great
    importance to take these precautions and to prefer wide-ranging cyber security
    applications. Some of the measures that logistics companies can take to protect
    themselves from cyber attacks are as follows:

    • Raising awareness of all employees against cyber risks.
    • Use of multi-factor authentication and strong passwords to access authorized
    • Keeping security applications up to date.
    • Leveraging cloud systems to protect against ransomware.
    • Giving certain people the authority to access data and raising awareness of these
      people about cyber risks.
    • Routinely checking for vulnerabilities and fixing detected vulnerabilities as
      quickly as possible.

    You can maximize your security with bug bounty programs

    With the increasing amount of shopping in the summer months, there is a great density
    in the logistics sector. In this period of increasing cyber threats, one of the best methods
    to stay safe is bug bounty programs.

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