The world is in a state of rapid change, and this is especially true in the world of IT technologies. With each new advancement in web/mobile applications and IoT devices and network elements, there are new risks to be considered. Therefore, staying updated on the latest cybersecurity threats is vital. In a VUCA world – a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, you need a VUCA strategy to solve every problem with Vision, Understanding, Clarity, and Agility (VUCA!).

    Living in the VUCA World

    Volatility refers to the high rate of change in the ecosystem such as budgets, availability of team members and demand from businesses. Uncertainty is the lack of predictability especially for the security level of new infrastructure, new applications, new releases that’s happening almost every week. Complexity is the different elements in a system and how they work together such as interaction between security and engineering, commercial growth pressure vs risk management and teaming up with outsource resources. Ambiguity is the lack of clarity while defending systems from highly skilled, resourceful criminal hacking activities. These concepts are important because they help cybersecurity executives, teams, and experts to understand and act on the risks and challenges associated with securing information systems. Read this blog to learn how bug bounty helps respond to the VUCA world with a VUCA strategy and Applying VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) strategy for cyber resilience.

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    Vision for Volatility in Cybersecurity

    Rapid changes in the IT world is nothing new. Criminal hackers join forces and change tactics to create a constantly evolving landscape of threats. Unstable systems, hard to predict changes, urgent actions, tight deadlines will bring vulnerabilities to what was considered safe. Bug bounty programs have become one popular way to address the Volatility problem by bringing Vision from a global perspective. With hundreds of experts from 30 nations, Bug bounty provides unprecedented access to cyber security expertise, 24hr access, and focus to this crowdsourcing mechanism for identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities, providing the right direction and help making sense of the hacking world.

    Understanding for Uncertainty in Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity teams can never know how secure the systems are. The lack of predictability leads to surprise issues and bugs. Safeguarding personal and valuable data from unauthorized access or data breaches is a priority. With the help of bug bounty solutions, you are able to see a wide range of security exploits, recognize the critical issues and discover potential flaws in the systems, and read the signals on-time. Understanding the major vulnerabilities in your system will open the minds not only for the security teams but the entire organization.  Bug bounty employs ethical researchers to discover security bugs in your system. This helps you understand how potential attackers could exploit your system and take steps to increase your security posture.

    Clarity for Complexity in Cybersecurity

    There is often a disconnect between security teams and other business units, which can lead to siloed approaches to security. To identify and solve issues, it is essential to have clarity and understanding amongst all members of an organization. One way to promote this clarity is by using bug bounty reports. This cuts through the complexity by opening a direct channel between the ethical hackers with security teams. By simplifying the testing process and engaging engineering/development teams within the organization and taking a comprehensive approach to enterprise security, bug bounty reports can help developers better understand their role in cybersecurity and how they can work together to solve any issues that may arise. The intuitive approach of bug bounty helps organizations develop skills to challenge complexity.

    Agility for Ambiguity in Cybersecurity

    Data without insights can be harmful. It is vital to correlate the different security issues to adapt quickly to changes. Bug bounty security researchers are able to trace even the small bugs and connect the dots to exploit a critical issue and report in detail. While patching the bugs before they are exploited, teams learn from their mistakes. Empowering the freelance security researchers over a bug bounty program will increase collaborative power and set your team members to perform a better job. If you do not innovate your cyber security approaches, suffering from criminal hacking activities are not far.

    Bugbounter: The smart solution for your cybersecurity testing

    While there is no silver bullet for safeguarding your cyber assets from breaches, Bugbounter will help to improve an organization’s security posture by encouraging continuous testing and identification of such vulnerabilities. BugBounter is known to provide 24/7 availability, scoping flexibility and cost-effective bug bounty services with 2300 cybersecurity experts at your disposal as and when necessary with a guaranteed ROI, as no fees allocated unless a valid bug is reported.

    With a well-designed program in place, bug bounty can play an essential role in helping to keep your organization safe from the VUCA world of cyber threats. Connect with us to get tested now.