CTO’s should ask these 3 cybersecurity questions

    As an CTO, you must be aware that the world is taking a step forward in technological advancements, and the digital space has become more complicated. An increase follows the improvement of technology infrastructure in cyber attacks. Companies are facing new and advanced forms of cyber threats every day. Implementing a robust cybersecurity plan is essential to combat these cyber threats.

    A CTO’s responsibilities increase in direct proportion to the cyber threats getting more sophisticated everyday. These responsibilities are particularly relevant to the company’s online workspace. Any cyber threat that the online workspace might face directly affects the data security, finances, and reputation of the company.

    It is needless to say that cybersecurity is a critical element as it directly impacts the day-to-day operations of any organization. Therefore, a CTO should should ask the right questions before taking action for their company’s cybersecurity. As BugBounter, we gathered three cybersecurity every CTO should ask in this blog.

    “How is my company prone to cyber-attacks?”

    Businesses are impossible to conducted without an online workspace. Almost everything runs on the internet, from social media marketing to cloud-based solutions. But as technology evolves, so does the threat to security.

    Statistical data shows that the fourth quarter of 2020 alone saw data breaches of 125 million. Thus, the need for cybersecurity awareness not only arises but increases rapidly. Out of such awareness arises the first, most important question a CTO must ask themselves – “How is my company prone to cyber-attacks?”

    Cyber threats might harm your company through the following channels:

    • Phishing,
    • Cookie poisining,
    • Technological vulnerabilities such as failing to update firewalls and antivirus softwares.

    “Why should I invest in Cybersecurity?”

    Almost all sensitive and confidential information is stored online using cloud technology. Therefore, cybersecurity is a crucial investment for every business to safeguard this sensitive information from minor viruses to ransomware attacks.

    In the initial days of booming software advancements, basic systems like anti-virus software and firewalls were installed onto devices to prevent, detect, and combat viruses and malware. But those basic systems are not enough to combat the sophisticated data breaches that cause financial damage.

    With cybercriminals changing, businesses and companies realize that basic systems like anti-virus software and firewalls are not enough to combat these cybercriminals. Therefore, companies collaborate with cybersecurity firms to lay down multiple layers of protection. Irrespective of the size of the company, cybersecurity is an element that requires investment.

    A company that understands the need for and scope of cybersecurity is a company that will thrive, survive and evolve with the right cybersecurity strategy.

    You can find more information about why should you invest in cybersecurity in this blog post by BugBounter.

    “Should I hire ethical hackers?”

    The technique of identifying weaknesses in any technical infrastructure that an attacker could use to take advantage of a business or an individual is known as ethical hacking, and that’s we do here at BugBounter. Ethical hackers conduct researches to identify breaches in the system security. Companies call upon them to uncover potential breaches and vulnerabilities in their security systems.

    This process involves attempts to exploit vulnerabilities and determine whether malicious access is possible. Ethical hackers offer companies insight into how their data lacks security, thereby enabling the companies to focus on the problem.

    Ethical hackers offer the following services to companies:

    • Finding exploitable vulnerabilities,
    • Demonstration of cyber attack methods,
    • Facilitate preparation to combat cyber attacks.

    These professionals provide clear demonstrations of potential threats. They report every exploitable vulnerability in a company’s tech infrastructure. They use methods similar to their criminal counterparts, the “black hat hackers,” to find security breaches. It helps companies to be better prepared and even prevents most threats to their business.

    BugBounter: The Solid Answer to the “Should I Hire Ethical Hackers?” Question

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