What are the most popular cyber security certifications?  There are many types of cyber security certifications. The main purpose of cyber security certification is to demonstrate that you are competent to use specific tools and technologies. In addition, more experienced people and networking professionals also seek certification to validate their skills. Like other areas of information […]

    What Is A Ransomware Attack?  A ransomware attack is one of the main threats that affects both home and business users. Ransomware can affect your capital and reputation with a temporary or permanent loss of data and information. It’s significant to protect your assets against ransomware attacks before it’s too late to prevent potential harmful consequences. Ransomware […]

    All Companies Are Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks  Today, every institution has a website. In this case, they inevitably become targets of webserver attacks. Every site has cyber security vulnerabilities. So how can you discover your cyber security vulnerabilities? If you would like to learn more about cyber security vulnerabilities, please continue reading our article. How Can […]

    What Is Bug Bounty Hunt? What Does A Bug Bounty Hunter Do? Bug bounty programs are widely used today in both the public and private sectors and are becoming more and more popular. Bug Bounty programs provide great benefits to companies with speed, creativity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Security vulnerabilities in digital assets benefit criminal hackers […]

    What is Open Bug Bounty? The use of digital platforms is increasing day by day. While we use these platforms, many teams are working behind them. This team shall take care of all kinds of security measures and ensures that possible risks are discovered on time. The human-powered testing model that handles and examines all […]

    How do bug bounty programs contribute to your cyber security? BugBounter is a marketplace of freelance security researchers who are motivated for discovering the cyber security bugs of web applications, mobile applications and other digital assets. Cyber ​​security, which is the biggest motivation for this team, is one of the most important factors that can […]

    Cyber Attacks Are Booming in Healthcare Industry The coronavirus pandemic has yielded many unexpected results for various industries. It created an atmosphere of uncertainty and from this atmosphere, the opportunity for cyber attacks has arisen. As the pandemic has affected people’s health and the healthcare sector the most, the impact of cyber attacks on healthcare […]