Warnings of phishing emails and websites BugBounter highlights the massive phishing emails and fraudulent websites that are created in a series to capture personal information. According to research, phishing activities still remain among the most commonly used cyber attack methods. BugBounter, which quickly, economically and effectively solves the need for companies to find vulnerabilities with […]

    The bill for inadequate cybersecurity is very high More than two thousand cyberattacks take place around the world every day. If there is a deficit in the target system, destructive and costly consequences come with it. Building an ecosystem of freelance cybersecurity experts within the scope of a vision of a world free of hacking, […]

    BugBounter sponsored the Lostar Cyber ​​Security Summer Camp, which offers university students the opportunity to train with cyber security experts. Applications for the award-winning camp continue until September 4, 2020. BugBounter, which quickly and effectively met the need of companies to find vulnerabilities with the independent research community registered on the platform, became the sponsor […]

    Ransomware exposes files when they don’t get the payment Each electronic device user transmits their own habits to their devices and performs critical transactions that require the sharing of important information. Therefore, personal data generated as a result of such transactions are also of vital importance. Being aware of this, cyber attackers demand high ransoms […]

    BugBounter, the platform that brings companies and ethical hackers together to find security vulnerabilities, entrusted their communication efforts to Marginal Porter Novelli. BugBounter, which quickly and transparently addresses the need for companies to find vulnerabilities through crowdsourcing, shook hands with Marginal Porter Novelli for communication studies. Ethical hackers in the security researcher ecosystem in the […]

    Top use cases currently being automated: Malware Brute Force/Failed Login Phishing Suspicious Web Access Malicious Network Traffic The top use cases planned for automation in the next 12 months include: Vulnerability Management Data Loss/Exposure Rogue Server/Service and Incident Case Management The top use cases planned for automation in the next 24 months include: Privileged Access […]

    Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are vulnerable to attacks that use lasers to inject inaudible­ — and sometimes invisible­ — commands into the devices and surreptitiously cause them to unlock doors, visit websites, and locate, unlock, and start vehicles, researchers report in a research paper published on Monday. Dubbed Light Commands, the attack works against […]