Moving into the second half of the year, one must keep a constant eye on the recent hacking news. This past July 2022 was an interesting month in the world of cybersecurity. A few mentionable events occurred that business leaders should be aware of. Here’s what happened. July was a busy month for cyber security professionals, with several high-profile incidents […]

    The Cybersecurity Prejudice: The SEEDSModel Decision-making processes are integral to how humans cope with many situations and make their lives balanced. Humans make thousands of choices every day through general information or by assessing alternative resolutions for the same scenario. Each decision helps shape humans’ cognitive response toward a problem by rationalizing it and identifying the right actions […]

    The world is in a state of rapid change, and this is especially true in the world of IT technologies. With each new advancement in web/mobile applications and IoT devices and network elements, there are new risks to be considered. Therefore, staying updated on the latest cybersecurity threats is vital. In a VUCA world – […]

    Logistics companies facing cyber attacks during the holiday period Logistics services may be target of more cyber attacks, especially during the holidayseason, when the shopping trend increases. Today, logistics companies, which manydifferent people benefit from, have an important place in the global economy. For thisreason, they can become the focus of cyber attackers during busy […]

    Digital tourism is the recent target of cyber attacks With the global acceleration of digitalization, many industries have brought their sales and customer engagement platforms to web and mobile apps, but cyber attacks have started to gain frequency with this change. Cyber attackers find vulnerabilities and steal data, which leaves companies at risk, both financially […]

    What Do Security Testers Do? What Is Security Testing? Before talking about security testing, it is necessary to underline why this is such a phenomenon. Today, we perform almost all of our transactions on digital platforms. Even if we do not take any action, we use digital platforms or applications to spend time, have fun […]

    Who Is a Hacker and What Are Hacker Colors? Hack means unauthorized access and a person who do hacking is called hacker. When hackers are mentioned, most people think of malicious individuals. However, not all hackers are malicious. Contrary to popular belief, hackers diversify and are divided into different groups that represented by colors. Hacker […]

    Where does a good hacker work? Hacker is a person who knows the vulnerabilities in the internet network structure and computer systems and provides access to computers, servers and web sites by using these vulnerabilities. Also, hackers are those who steal personal and important data and prevent systems from working. But how do you become […]

    What is a vulnerability disclosure policy? A vulnerability disclosure policy aims to give ethical hackers clear guidelines to submit unknown and harmful vulnerabilities to organizations. This policy ensures that you have an open communication mechanism for anyone interested in reporting vulnerabilities in your products and services. So, why do you need to publish a vulnerability disclosure policy? […]

    What Do Bug Bounty Programs Provide to SaaS Companies? Bug Bounty programs are getting more utilized and attractive in time regarding their returns. Smart SaaS companies have at least one Bug Bountyprogram open to public researchers. So, what is a Bug Bounty program? It is a program that puts out a reward for valid security […]