What is a vulnerability disclosure policy? A vulnerability disclosure policy aims to give ethical hackers clear guidelines to submit unknown and harmful vulnerabilities to organizations. This policy ensures that you have an open communication mechanism for anyone interested in reporting vulnerabilities in your products and services. So, why do you need to publish a vulnerability disclosure policy? […]

    What Do Bug Bounty Programs Provide to SaaS Companies? Bug Bounty programs are getting more utilized and attractive in time regarding their returns. Smart SaaS companies have at least one Bug Bountyprogram open to public researchers. So, what is a Bug Bounty program? It is a program that puts out a reward for valid security […]

    How Safe Is Your Company Data? Today, cyber threats can attack/may affect many institutions or companies in seconds, regardless of how big the target or the amount of company data is. With the increase of the cyber threats without a specific target, we can see severe financial risks for small companies and consequences that will […]

    Be Cyber Smart Against Cyber Threats Over 50% of SMEs are hacked every year. Many of them have no or basic cyber protection. As technology has been developing, people’s dependence and reliance on it is arising dayby day, and as this happens, a new concept emerges: being cyber smart. We share ourdaily life on different […]

    Here are 5 cyber threats your company should wary Internet users  must take precautions for the sake of cyber and data security. As technology develops in time, all humanity becomes dependent on and trusts in technology. But most of us are not aware of the fact that we might face cyber threats if we refuse […]

    What are the most popular cyber security certifications?  There are many types of cyber security certifications. The main purpose of cyber security certification is to demonstrate that you are competent to use specific tools and technologies. In addition, more experienced people and networking professionals also seek certification to validate their skills. Like other areas of information […]

    What Is A Ransomware Attack?  A ransomware attack is one of the main threats that affects both home and business users. Ransomware can affect your capital and reputation with a temporary or permanent loss of data and information. It’s significant to protect your assets against ransomware attacks before it’s too late to prevent potential harmful consequences. Ransomware […]

    All Companies Are Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks  Today, every institution has a website. In this case, they inevitably become targets of webserver attacks. Every site has cyber security vulnerabilities. So how can you discover your cyber security vulnerabilities? If you would like to learn more about cyber security vulnerabilities, please continue reading our article. How Can […]

    What Is Bug Bounty Hunt? What Does A Bug Bounty Hunter Do? Bug bounty programs are widely used today in both the public and private sectors and are becoming more and more popular. Bug Bounty programs provide great benefits to companies with speed, creativity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Security vulnerabilities in digital assets benefit criminal hackers […]