The world’s going through a rapid digitalization and Web 4.0 and the mass popularity of social media are the outcomes of that. Consigning personal data to numerous sources has become an everyday practice for humankind. From user-generated contents (UGC) to reaching out for various specific services, sensitive information is constantly dumped into the system with […]

    Since the start of the pandemic, the network chains have been scattered around more than ever before. This way, the firmness of such chains has loosened, causing cyber threats to potentially be more impactful. The constant generating of personal information and data attracts cyber attackers, who continuously come up with new ransomware threats and phishing […]

    Year by year, the use of digital tools and devices such as smartwatches, webcams and voice assistants increases exponentially. For example, a research found that in the H1 of 2020, the smartwatch sales increased %20. Although the benefits of such technological development is evident, tremendous dangers are lurking behind the scenes. Since the digital tools […]

    The coronavirus epidemic caught the whole world off guard and caused significant changes in many businesses. Since most of the work process is conducted at home, the overall durability of endpoint and network securities is weakened. Cyber attackers can scan the vulnerabilities of remote workers that access sensitive information easier now. Therefore, companies that do […]

    Insurance companies, which contain personal data such as health and financial information of individuals, are becoming popular targets of cyber attackers. BugBounter helps companies prevent financial and reputational losses of up to million dollars by testing the cyber defenses of insurance companies and agents with hundreds of security researchers on its platform. BugBounter, which promptly, […]

    Two most valuable questions for security teams dealing with cyber attacks is “How do we know?” and “When can we understand?” In order to answer both questions, let’s talk about the general structure first. In the cyber security world, there is a scheme called “security kill chain” that explains the process well: This diagram shows […]

    FBI found that the TrickBot botnet, previously used in many large-scale attacks, targeted the healthcare industry. Cyber attacks against hospitals and healthcare providers has increased more than ever with the pandemic. Solving companies’ need to find cyber security vulnerabilities promptly, cost-efficiently and effectively with a community of hundreds of independent researchers registered on the platform, […]

    Thousands of ethical hackers play an important role in the fight against cyber attackers by testing systems around the world, discovering and reporting weaknesses, and helping protect them. BugBounter, which quickly and effectively meets the need of companies to find vulnerabilities with the independent research community registered on the platform, draws attention to the importance […]

    BugBounter highlights the massive phishing emails and fraudulent websites that are created in a series to capture personal information. According to research, phishing activities still remain among the most commonly used cyber attack methods. BugBounter, which quickly, economically and effectively solves the need for companies to find vulnerabilities with a community of hundreds of independent […]