Moving into the second half of the year, one must keep a constant eye on the recent hacking news. This past July 2022 was an interesting month in the world of cybersecurity. A few mentionable events occurred that business leaders should be aware of. Here’s what happened. July was a busy month for cyber security professionals, with several high-profile incidents […]

    The Cybersecurity Prejudice: The SEEDSModel Decision-making processes are integral to how humans cope with many situations and make their lives balanced. Humans make thousands of choices every day through general information or by assessing alternative resolutions for the same scenario. Each decision helps shape humans’ cognitive response toward a problem by rationalizing it and identifying the right actions […]

    The world is in a state of rapid change, and this is especially true in the world of IT technologies. With each new advancement in web/mobile applications and IoT devices and network elements, there are new risks to be considered. Therefore, staying updated on the latest cybersecurity threats is vital. In a VUCA world – […]

    What Do Bug Bounty Programs Provide to SaaS Companies? Bug Bounty programs are getting more utilized and attractive in time regarding their returns. Smart SaaS companies have at least one Bug Bountyprogram open to public researchers. So, what is a Bug Bounty program? It is a program that puts out a reward for valid security […]

    How do bug bounty programs contribute to your cyber security? BugBounter is a marketplace of freelance security researchers who are motivated for discovering the cyber security bugs of web applications, mobile applications and other digital assets. Cyber ​​security, which is the biggest motivation for this team, is one of the most important factors that can […]

    Cyber Attacks Are Booming in Healthcare Industry The coronavirus pandemic has yielded many unexpected results for various industries. It created an atmosphere of uncertainty and from this atmosphere, the opportunity for cyber attacks has arisen. As the pandemic has affected people’s health and the healthcare sector the most, the impact of cyber attacks on healthcare […]

    Why Cyber Security For FinTechs Is More Essential Than Ever A FinTech (financial technology) is an innovative technology that aims to improve financial services end-to-end, or the company that invents that technology. They can be developed to answer various needs like an improved customer experience, further efficiency or a more solid management process.  Yet they […]

    Inadequate Protection of Personal Data Gets Fined The world’s going through a rapid digitalization and Web 4.0 and the mass popularity of social media are the outcomes of that. Consigning personal data to numerous sources has become an everyday practice for humankind. From user-generated contents (UGC) to reaching out for various specific services, sensitive information […]