Common Cyber Threats Digital Companies Face Common cyber threats against digital companies have risen significantly in the last several years. The first two months of 2022 reported more cyber crimes than in 2018, according to data by CERT-In. The number used to be as low as $3 trillion in 2015. With rapid and indefinite technological […]

    Cyber Resilience: How to Build a Strong One? Cyber resilience refers to an organization’s capacity to respond to and bounce back again from the effects of cyber attacks. Because traditional security measures are inadequate to guarantee sufficient cybersecurity, cyber resilience is crucial. The objective is to ensure that, following a cyber attack, the organization can […]

    CTO’s should ask these 3 cybersecurity questions As an CTO, you must be aware that the world is taking a step forward in technological advancements, and the digital space has become more complicated. An increase follows the improvement of technology infrastructure in cyber attacks. Companies are facing new and advanced forms of cyber threats every day. Implementing […]

    Losing Reputation: Cyber Attack Tsunami Reputation management is a vital component of running a successful business. Reputation is the public perception of the company, business, and workings. It is a company’s image that drives customer traffic. Businesses with a good brand image are perceived as more reliable. It provides opportunities for such companies to charge their customers revenue-yielding […]

    Data Breaches in the Technology Industry The technology industry is one of the areas where specialists are taking the most advanced security measures against data breaches. The reason for this is the high value of the information stored as an integral part of the industry activities. However, the structure of the industry is directly related […]

    Cybersecurity Highlights: August 2022 August 2022 has been an eventful month as the concept of cybersecurity took new turns in the digital world. Keeping oneself updated about cybersecurity threats via cybersecurity news is integral for enterprises to take the required security measures to protect their data and ensure privacy over sensitive information. Everyone who runs […]

    Why Would You Invest in Cybersecurity? “Why would you invest in cybersecurity?” It’s a question that business leaders are no doubt asking themselves in the wake of high-profile, large-scale cyber attacks. In the aftermath of such an attack, businesses need to ask themselves not only how they can protect themselves from future breaches but also […]

    Siber saldırılar, devletlerin dijital sınırlarını güçlü savunması gereken bir tehlike haline geldi Uygulamalara zararlı kod enjekte edilebilmesi, yanlış güvenlik yapılandırmaları, siteler arası komut dosyaları çalıştırılabilmesi gibi farklı yöntemleri kullanan siber saldırganlar, artık her ülkenin ortak sorunu. Kamunun web siteleri, enerji, ulaşım, iletişim gibi alt yapıları da cazip hedefler arasında yer alıyor. Riskin farkında olan devlet […]

    BugBounter Webinar | “Secure the Future – The Future of Cybersecurity Testing in South Africa” On July 28th, BugBounter hosted a webinar on the future of cybersecurity testing in South Africa with Michiel Jonker, Futurist, and Director of Futura International.  Sustainable cyber security risk management is a necessity for businesses as they advance further with […]

    Every CFO Should Ask These 3 Cybersecurity Questions The digital world keeps evolving every day, which makes it even more complicated to understand its processes through every step of its transformation. So, with this rapid growth in the picture, one can witness the rise of cyberattacks on digital platforms. Even businesses with advanced preventive and […]