Moving into the second half of the year, one must keep a constant eye on the recent hacking news. This past July 2022 was an interesting month in the world of cybersecurity. A few mentionable events occurred that business leaders should be aware of. Here’s what happened. July was a busy month for cyber security professionals, with several high-profile incidents […]

    Logistics companies facing cyber attacks during the holiday period Logistics services may be target of more cyber attacks, especially during the holidayseason, when the shopping trend increases. Today, logistics companies, which manydifferent people benefit from, have an important place in the global economy. For thisreason, they can become the focus of cyber attackers during busy […]

    Digital tourism is the recent target of cyber attacks With the global acceleration of digitalization, many industries have brought their sales and customer engagement platforms to web and mobile apps, but cyber attacks have started to gain frequency with this change. Cyber attackers find vulnerabilities and steal data, which leaves companies at risk, both financially […]