Your valuable digital assets are constantly under attack by malicious individuals, groups or organizations. If you haven’t suffered from it yet, it’s only a matter of time.

    At Bugbounter, we have built an ecosystem of freelance cybersecurity experts committed to discover cyber threats and willingly gather their talent and smart technologies to outperform the dark side.

    Sign up to the Bugbounter platform, test your cyber risks in our talent pool, quickly discover your vulnerabilities and always be prepared.


    You can easily register the platform in 3 steps and start receiving reports right away.

    Publish a Bug Bounty Program

    You can run customized bug bounty programs depending on your needs and budget.

    • Define the scope of your bounty program
    • Select the researcher and validation community
    • Confirm budget and publish


    You will receive either all the reported bugs or just the validated ones according to your preferences.

    • Receive validated bug reports
    • Accept or reject the report with a valid explanation
    • Allocate rewards or gifts for the confirmed reports
    Transparent Process

    The entire award process on the Bugbounter platform runs on blockchain. We ensure that the system operates in a transparent and reliable manner.

    Crowdsourced Security

    We provide numerous testing opportunities with an ecosystem of hundreds of creative and talented cybersecurity researchers. Thus, you discover vulnerabilities that current penetration testing methods would hardly uncover.

    Global Support

    The Bugbounter platform includes hundreds of global researchers that have passed through various background checks, vetting processes and monitoring in its ecosystem. Due to the diverse skill set of researchers, vulnerabilities are found much faster - often within the same day.


    Bugbounter rewards only the verified vulnerabilities (verified by its community of experts). This way, you receive a high quality service with a reasonable budget and you only pay for the reports that contribute to your asset security.

    Secure your business with Bugbounter