There is an absolute certainty that your digital presence is and will be under attack by malicious individuals, groups, organizations. It’s just a matter of time, if you haven’t suffered from it yet, but you will!

    However, we believe that we can setup an ecosystem where dedicated cybersecurity experts and willingly gather their talent and smart technologies to outperform the dark side.


    To start receiving our services, join in 3 easy steps:


    You can run customized bug bounty programs depending on your needs and budget.

    • Define the scope of your bounty program
    • Select the researcher and validation community (publicly, limited or invite only)
    • Confirm budget and publish


    You will receive either all the reported bugs or just the validated ones according to your preferences.

    • Receive validated bug reports
    • Accept or reject the report with a valid explanation
    • Allocate rewards or gifts for the confirmed reports