Why would you join Bugbounter?

    We promise you the most democratic and fair platform to work for.
    We manage to do this by transparancy using smart contracts.
    We are constantly expanding the Bugbounter ecosystem with new talents.
    If you too are confident with your hacking skills, join the Bugbounter researcher ecosystem and:

    • Be a part of a trusted community of white hat hackers
    • Challenge your creativity & talent
    • Help companies protect their digital assets
    • Earn rewards
    • Make your name heard in the community

    How to be a part of our community?


    You can easily join the platform in 3 steps.


    You will find many possibilities to expand your hacking skills in Bugbounter Ecosystem.

    • Search and find bugs in listed bounties & disclosure programs
    • Inform us of any bug in any company and we will safely & legally connect your discovery with the client
    • Apply for vetting and get invited to special programs according to your profile, skills and vetting level


    You will earn cash rewards, gifts and fame as a result of your vulnerability discoveries.

    • Get rewards based on the severity of the bugs (i.e. critical-high-medium-low according to CVSS 3.0 standards)
    • Receive surprising gifts based on the offerings of our clients
    • Get citation of your name next to the discoveries on our site and clients', make your name heard in the community

    How do researchers get compensated for their work?

    Bugbounter is a blockchain based, transparent, secure and democratized platform.
    Our system running on smart contracts manages payments to researchers who are the first to identify unique vulnerabilities that are in scope of the bounty program.
    Once the validator approves and client verifies the reported bug, Bugbounter platform takes care of the rest.
    100% of the announced reward is delivered to the researcher (except the transfer fees).

    Vulnerability Disclosure Programs (VDP) may include non-monetary forms of rewards such as gifts, gift checks and recognitions.