Neden ödül programına ihtiyaç var?

    Bug Bounty Programs are the most cost-effective and smart solution to discover your cybersecurity vulnerabilities for three reasons:

    Crowdsource Intelligence

    Ekosistemdeki hackerlar, güvenlik ekiplerinizden ve otomatik testlerden toplu olarak daha kalabalık, yetkin ve kararlı

    Kişiselleştirilmiş Hizmet

    Managing your bug bounty programs are super easy and highly customizable in order to fit your needs

    İdeal Çözüm

    Received value for bug bounty budget is considerably higher than the penetration testing


    Neden Bugbounter:

    There are various bug bounty platforms on the market and they are all doing a great job. However, we are the only platform to publish the bug bounty process (not the report) on blockchain which enables the system to operate transparently thus trustworthy. Therefore, no fuzzy work behind the doors!

    Bug Bounty Programs for Companies

    Bug bounty programs are usually scoped with certain digital assets, limited to budget and/or time frame. Above all, bounties typically offer compelling cash rewards aligned with severity (CVSS 3.0) of the bugs. Therefore, most of the talented researchers chase bounties to earn money and reputation.
    To open and run a bug bounty program is super easy with BugBounter. All you need to do is sign up, create your bug bounty program in 3 easy steps and cybersecurity researchers will test & detect bugs for your bounty program.

    Demo ister misiniz?

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    Bug Bounty Platform for All Researchers

    If you think that your skills are good fit, join Bugbounter Platform. After that, select bug bounty programs, find vulnerabilities, report before others. Most importantly you earn rewards- either in US Dollars or cryptocurrency and enter hall of fame!


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