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    Go Beyond the Traditional Security Assesments

    Traditional vulnerability disclosure methods are not agile enough and they no longer meet the challenges of new cyber threats.

    Bug bounty programs come to the rescue by allowing organizations test their software and hardware in a more creative way than routine security testing. The community of freelance researchers can test the digital assets and find critical vulnerabilities very quickly as well as provide a secure environment in a cost-effective way.

    Why do you need a bug bounty program?

    Bounty programs are agile, affordable and smart solutions to discover critical cyber vulnerabilities. You can set up, customize and manage a bug bounty program in a few minutes and get results in the same day.

    Crowdsource Intelligence

    Hackers in the bugbounty ecosystem are collectively more creative, competent and committed than the cyber security teams of organizations and automated tests.

    Quick Result

    Due to the crowdsourced ecosystem and the diverse skill set of researchers, vulnerabilities are found much faster - often within the same day.

    Optimal Solution

    The budget allocated for bugbounty programs is very low compared to penetration tests, and the value received in return is significantly higher.


    Why Bugbounter?

    Transparent Process

    The entire award process (excuding the report) on the Bugbounter platform runs on blockchain. This way, we ensure that the system operates in a transparent and reliable manner.

    Crowdsourced Security

    Bugbounter provides continuous testing opportunities with an ecosystem of hundreds of creative and talented cybersecurity researchers. Thus, you discover vulnerabilities that current pen-testing methods would hardly uncover.

    Global Support

    Bugbounter includes hundreds of global researchers that have passed security verification in its ecosystemcom. Our platform complies with the EU regulations and standards.


    Bugbounter rewards only the verified vulnerabilities (verified by its team of experts). This way, you recieve a high quality service with a reasonable budget and you only pay for the reports that contribute to your asset security.

    Secure your business with Bugbounter

    Bug Bounty Programs for Companies

    Bug bounty programs are usually scoped with certain digital assets, limited to budget and/or time frame. Above all, bounties typically offer compelling cash rewards aligned with severity (CVSS 3.0) of the bugs. Therefore, most of the talented researchers chase bounties in return for rewards and reputation.

    Starting a bounty program is extremely easy with Bugbounter. All you need to do is sign up, publish your bug bounty program in 3 easy steps, and select the researchers registered in our platform to find and report your vulnerabilities ...

    Bug Bounty Platform for Researchers

    If you think that your skills are a good fit, join our talented ethical hackers. Select bug bounty programs from our platform, find vulnerabilities, report before others. Earn rewards (either in US Dollars, cyrptocurrency or prizes) and reputation!


    Secure your business with Bugbounter