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    Insurance companies are among the primary targets of cyber criminals

    Insurance companies, which contain personal data such as health and financial information of individuals, are becoming popular targets of cyber attackers. BugBounter helps companies prevent financial and reputational losses of up to million dollars by testing the cyber defenses of insurance companies and agents with hundreds of security researchers on its platform. BugBounter, which promptly, […]

    How do we know that we’ve been hacked?

    Siber saldırılar ile mücadele eden güvenlik ekipleri için en değerli sorulardan biri “Nasıl anlarız?” ve bu soru ile el ele tutuşan bir başka soru daha var: “Ne zaman anlayabiliriz?” In order to answer both questions, let’s talk about the general structure first. In the cyber security world, there is a scheme called “security kill chain” […]

    Healthcare industry is suffering against rapidly increasing ransomware

    FBI found that the TrickBot botnet, previously used in many large-scale attacks, targeted the healthcare industry. Cyber attacks against hospitals and healthcare providers has increased more than ever with the pandemic. Solving companies’ need to find cyber security vulnerabilities promptly, cost-efficiently and effectively with a community of hundreds of independent researchers registered on the platform, […]