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Secure Your Systems, Bug-Free

Addressing Similar Concerns with Industry-Specific Dynamics:
Is your online business secure against cyber attacks?


In addiiton to storing large amount of customer data, infrastructures like payment interfaces and
logistics are vulnerable to cyber risks.

Risks of Payment Fraud, Data Breaches, and Point-of-Sale (POS) System Vulnerabilities, Threats to Customer Transactions and Retail Operations.


E-Commerce companies can keep their platform safe and running at all times with bug bounty.

Risks of Online Payment Frauds, Data Breaches, and E-commerce Platform Exploits, Vulnerabilities in Customer Information and Online Shopping Experiences.

Ensure Your Online Platforms available 24/7
Don't Risk Downtime for Your Online Shop


Risks of Supply Chain Disruptions, Data Breaches, and Cargo Theft, Challenges to Supply Chain Operations and Critical Logistics Infrastructure.


Our e-commerce company continues to thrive, attracting more customers and suppliers each quarter. As we handle sensitive personal, financial, and corporate data, maintaining the utmost security is non-negotiable. Our applications must operate seamlessly, 24/7, despite the relentless barrage of cyber-attacks we face daily. To bolster our defenses, we sought the expertise of dedicated and driven cybersecurity experts. BugBounter’s vulnerability reports complement our regular pentest services, ensuring we stay one step ahead. Together, we build a trustworthy and secure environment for our valued users and partners.

Head of engineering (E-Commerce) 

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