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Red Team

Verify Your Cybersecurity Level
with BugBounter’s Crowdsourced

Red Team based on success fees.

Working 24/7 to Penetrate Your Most Valuable Assets and Deliver Results: Success or Failure?

Allocate the Best Team for Your Critical Assets
Define Your Key Concerns and Rest Assured with our Expert Team

Exploiting most
critical data

Dumping your
entire database

Recovering a
client password

Capturing your CEO’s email account

Critical Data

Dumping your
Entire Database

Client Passwords

Stealing Accounts & Financials

Capturing your CEO’s Email Account

While we cannot guarantee successful penetration and exploitation (due to your robust defense measures), we are confident in safeguarding your budget.
How? By implementing a unique payment structure.

If we fail, you don’t pay: ensuring cost-effectiveness!
*Consider the Cost of Regular Red Team Projects,
Regardless of Success

“I considered how much I would pay for a typical Red Team project, and I decided go with BugBounter because if they don’t succeed they don’t invoice. Therefore my budget is secured.”

 Information Security Officer of a security company

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