Affiliate Program

Be a part of
something great

BugBounter Affiliate Program enables you as a platform

member to get continuous revenue from the projects

you will introduce to BugBounter.

Fortune 500 companies

publish bug bounty programs

More than a million freelance security experts actively hunt for bugs

Millions of dollars are allocated as reward money for thousands of reports

How Does our Affiliate Program Work?



Register in our platform as
a researcher and apply



Introduce us to new clients
and give a reference



Get rewarded for every client and grow as you bring more

How Do You Make Money?

A Fixed Fee for Every Meeting

Securing a customer meeting that you give reference

A Fixed Fee for Every PoC

Promoting our PoC program and getting them test it.

Ongoing Commission

Influencing a decision maker to start a bug bounty program with us.

Are You the Right Candidate?

IT Consultant

That sells and/or conducts IT related projects with your own customers


That talks/writes about IT

or cybersecurity topics

Freelance Expert

That provides IT/network/software/

cybersecurity type of services to

a number of clients


That provides network, cybersecurity

and admin trainings to IT professionals

Systems Integrator

That sells and manages various

vendors’ products for a turnkey IT solution


That shares cybersecurity news in your

own channels or social media

What is BugBounter's Affiliate Program

We believe in the power of community. That’s why we have an affiliate program. As an individual you can contribute to our success and in return you earn money. As we grow, your earnings will grow.

All you need is to engage us with potential customers that you have close connections with, be a reference and enable us to close the deal. We will process the entire sales cycle.

First you need to register on BugBounter platform as a Bounter.

In your profile you’ll see the link to “become an affiliate”. Just click on it and you’ll receive a unique affiliate code.

As you refer potential customers to BugBounter, our sales team gets involved in the engagement process. You may also engage if you prefer but you don’t have to.

While we register the customer on the platform, we associate that referred customer with your affiliate code and the rest is automatically processed.

When the customer publishes a bug bounty program, we earn a certain commission of the rewards that are allocated to the Bounters.

We share this earning with you based on the levels of budget for the customer.

Your earnings are calculated automatically by the platform and allocated on your profile.

You can claim payment whenever you want.

As soon as you claim payment, system starts processing the pay order and the money is transferred either to your bank account or to your Paypal account (typically within 2 business days)

We do not have limitations on industries. However, most online businesses are potential customers to Bugbounter.

As the yearly budget increases, so does the success of bounty programs and in return your revenues.

Our clients’ privacy is our top priority


You can register on our platform in two steps

Get a guided 30min free tour on our platform