Privacy & Data Protection

Our customers rely on us to safeguard their most valuable assets through our collaboration with numerous trusted bounty hunters.

Likewise, bounty hunters trust us to offer a secure, equitable, and rewarding platform for reporting potential security vulnerabilities.


Our users depend on us to deliver a reliable service, and they expect us to have robust internal controls in place to safeguard their data and ensure the security of our systems.

1.ISO 10002

ISO 10002 is an international standard that outlines guidelines for effective handling of customer complaints in organizations.

This shows how much we value customer feedback and strive to provide excellent customer service by implementing a systematic approach to complaint management.

2. ISO 22301

ISO 22301 ensures robust business continuity management, demonstrating proactive safeguarding and resilience.

We are passionate about  safeguarding operations, minimizing disruptions, and ensuring continuity.

3. ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is about establishing information security management, safeguarding sensitive data and managing risks effectively.

Relentlessly pursuing ISO 27001 certification, showcasing dedication to robust security practices and customer trust.

4. ISO 31000

ISO 31000 is a comprehensive framework for effective risk management, enabling informed decisions and achieving objectives.

We are enthusiastically embracing ISO 31000 to foster risk-aware culture and drive sustainable growth.


As a service provider, our users rely on us to establish and maintain effective internal controls for both our systems and their data.

We understand the importance of meeting their expectations and are committed to implementing the necessary measures to ensure data security and system integrity.

Personal Data

General Data
Protection Regulation

Data Processing Addendum


The trust our customers place in us extends to the critical data encompassed within vulnerability reports and pertaining to their technologies and security initiatives.

We are dedicated to diligently safeguarding every piece of data, employing stringent measures to ensure its safety and protection.