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A Cyber Risk is not an April 1st Joke | BugBounter Newsletter (April 2023)

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🏠 News from BugBounter

BugBounter is Now on Offensify


Two of the BugBounter’s cutting-edge cyber security solutions Bug Bounty and Red Team, are now available on the Offensify Cyber Security Marketplace for SME’s and enterprises. Head to Offensify now to check what we offer.

BugBounter Partnered with AlchemistAccelerator


Our company has partnered with Alchemist, the top US-based B2B accelerator, as we set our sights on the US market. With this partnership, we will gain the necessary resources and support to expand our reach and provide unparalleled cyber security solutions to our clients.

💡 Cyber Security Tip

Launching a New App or Version

BugBounter x Offensify İş Birliği Görselleri (1)

Not verifying the security of the new version a mobile/web application might be risky for both your organization’s reputation, and your customers’ trust in your business. Discover unknown vulnerabilities and avoid costly breaches by conducting a bug bounty program before launching your app. Enhance your reputation and encourage responsible disclosure by ethical hackers. Improve your security posture and stay ahead of the game.

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💻 Cyber Security Blog Post

Cyber Security in Technology and Software Industries (1)

Cyber Security in Technology & Software

Cyber security in technology and software is one of the hottest topics of our day. Read more to learn how bug bounty helps. Get a demo today.

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