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What Is A Ransomware Attack?

A ransomware attack is one of the main threats that affects both home and business users. Ransomware can affect your capital and reputation with a

Cybersecurity Highlights: August 2022

August 2022 has been an eventful month as the concept of cybersecurity took new turns in the digital world. Keeping oneself updated about cybersecurity threats

Be Cyber Smart Against Cyber Threats

Over 50% of SMEs are hacked every year. Many of them have no or basic cyber protection. As technology has been developing, people’s dependence and

Stronger Cyber Resilience: How to Build it?

Stronger cyber resilience is essential for an organization’s capacity to respond effectively to a cyber attack and bounce back from the attack’s impacts with no

Cyber Security in Retail and eCommerce

Cyber security in retail and eCommerce industries offers today’s most common attack surfaces. They provide massive amounts of valuable financial and personal information to hackers.

Cyber Resilience: How to Build a Strong One?

Cyber resilience refers to an organization’s capacity to respond to and bounce back again from the effects of cyber attacks. Because traditional security measures are

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