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Bounters’ Newsletter (March 2023)

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Can Engin

Bounters’ Newsletter (March 2023)

Hey there Bounters,

We’re hoping that you’re doing great. After the earthquake disaster we experienced last night, we had to leave our routine to focus on helping the victims and rescue & aid teams in reaching donations and information securely. We appreciate the hard work of all ethical hackers who supported us during this difficult process.

🏆 March Top 10

🥇 erste6. GMG
🥈 ogoktas147. khaganyk
🥉 gwetri8. hemanthjoseph
4. ekbereksi9. mnykmct
5. mygconsole10. alp

💡 Don’t see yourself on the list? Start hunting now to take place in the next month’s list!

👾 Join Discord

Communication is the key (wow, cheesy). That’s why we started our own Discord Server for our Community Members to stay in touch, exchange info, and chat!

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