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Community Newsletter (December 2022)

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Community Newsletter (December 2022)

Happy Holidays Bounters,

As Mariah Carey said, “all we want for Christmas is a cyber secure world!” – Hmm, maybe it didn’t go that way. Anyway – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Bounters who celebrate. We hope that you’re having a great holiday season.

Recently, we had so many new Bounters joining BugBounter. We’d like to give them a warm welcome once more. This month we opened many new bug bounty programs for you to show your ethical hacking skills. Log in on BugBounter to see what’s new… after checking out this mail of course.

πŸ† The Final Top 10 of 2022

Congrats, ekiminu! πŸŽ‰

πŸ₯‡ ekiminu6. j4v40n654n
πŸ₯ˆ ogoktas147. d4rkbrain
πŸ₯‰ ertugrul8. verybigcat
4. den1z9. krexdo
5. gkhan49610. echoron

Don’t see yourself on the list? Login now and submit reports!

Supporting Each Other is Priceless!

πŸ’ͺ BugBounter is a crowdsourced cyber security platform. That means our community of ethical hackers, or Bounters as well call them, are the source of our power.

⭐️ That’s why every Friday we share “Bounter Tip”s, featuring an ethical hacker on our platform. Would you also like to be featured with your ethical hacking tips?

βœ‰οΈ All you have to do is to prepare a short content containing an ethical hacking tip (info about a vulnerability, a technique, etc.) and mailing it to us with your desired display picture, and your social media accounts.

Email our CM for sharing your tip at [email protected].

From the Community

Written by Salih Dumlu

Server-Side Template Injection

βœ”οΈ Template Engines are a common way to present dynamic data in web applications.
βœ”οΈ This vulnerability occurs when user data is embedded directly in a template, and then interpreted by the template engine.
βœ”οΈ When input validation is not done properly on the server-side, attacker injects malicious input into a template to execute commands on the server, and finds the SSTI vulnerability. This can often lead to Remote Code Execution (RCE).

πŸ’‘ Share an ethical hacking tip, help the Community, and increase your followers!

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Verify Your ID

We’d like to let you know that is important to verify your ID if you’d like to be invited to special bug bounty programs before everyone else. That means more reward, and success. Login on BugBounter today to verify your ID. Reach our Community Manager for the questions and issues.

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