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Community Newsletter (January 2023)

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Can Engin

Community Newsletter (January 2023)

What are your New Year Resolutions, Bounters?

We were thinking, maybe decreasing our caffeine consumption, or restarting gym… No? – OK, whatever, it was never going to work out anyway. Let’s start talking some bug bounty if we left our “see you next year”* jokes behind.

*In Turkey, “see you next year” on December 31 is a common dad joke. Do you also have it in your country? Please let us know if you do so we’ll know we are not alone.

🏆 January 2023 Top 10

Congrats, ekiminu! 🎉

🥇 ekiminu6. den1z
🥈 ogoktas147. gkhan496
🥉 engindgkn8. verybigcat
4. ertugrul9. d4rkbrain
5. Akostak1410. j4v40n654n

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Popular Demand for #BugBountyCall Events

In November 2022, we started the #BugBountyCall (Turkish: #BugBountyÇağrısı) to support the cyber security careers of the students in Turkey. In 2023, we aim to reach more student from around the globe. Please contact us if you want to make a bug bounty event at your university.

From the Community

Written by Root Bakar

What is IDOR?

“IDOR (Insecure Direct Object Reference), is an attack that allows a malicious user to be able to make changes, delete, make additions, and view all the information data belonging to targeted user(s) by simply injecting objects in the form of the ID of the targeted user, or in this case, the victim.” Click for more.

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Verify Your ID

We’d like to let you know that is important to verify your ID if you’d like to be invited to special bug bounty programs before everyone else. That means more reward, and success. Login on BugBounter today to verify your ID. Reach our Community Manager for the questions and issues.

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