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Community Newsletter (November 2022)

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Community Newsletter (November 2022)

How’s November been treating you? – Well, we have some exciting news to share with you. Keep reading, and don’t forget to hunt after you’re done.

BugBounter connects with the university student clubs in Turkey for bug bounty awareness 🔎🐞

Turkey is home to many cyber security talents. That’s why, as the BugBounter Team, we’re connecting with the university student clubs across Turkey to introduce them to bug bounty, and raise awareness to bug bounty as a great career path, and an efficient cyber security method. We’re doing this only in Turkey for now, but who knows what the future holds? 

If you are in Turkey, and want to join with your university student club, contact our community manager at ✉️ [email protected]

🏆 The Top 10 of November 2022

Congratulations, krexdo! 🎉

🥇 krexdo6. khaganyk
🥈 ekiminu7. gkhan496
🥉 ertugrul8. d4rkbrain
4. den1z9. verybigcat
5. blackt10. Silvanystro

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From the Community

Written by Prajit Sindhkar

What is File Inclusion Vulnerability?

The File Inclusion vulnerability allows an attacker to include a file, usually exploiting a “dynamic file inclusion” mechanism implemented in the target application. The vulnerability occurs due to the use of user-supplied input without proper validation. Read more on the blog page here.

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We’d like to let you know that is important to verify your ID if you’d like to be invited to special bug bounty programs before everyone else. That means more reward, and success. Login on BugBounter today to verify your ID. Reach our Community Manager for the questions and issues.

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