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We can do it! | BugBounter Newsletter (March 2023)

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🏠 News from BugBounter

BugBounter Community Reported Vulnerabilities for Humanitarian Aid

After the earthquake that occurred last month, we made a global call to all ethical hackers, and invited them to the BugBounter Platform for voluntarily reporting the vulnerabilities in the digital assets of the NGOs sending help to the earthquake-affected regions. Thanks to the hard work of many ethical hackers, we were able to contribute to the cyber security of the organizations working for the earthquake victims.

The Cyber Security Call Supports the Career of Students in Turkey

In November 2022, we started a country-wide call to the university student clubs who’d be interested in starting to bug bounty, improve their ethical hacking skills, and earn rewards while doing it. Since then more than 20 university student clubs across Turkey answered our call, and joined the BugBounter Platform. But however, specializing in bug bounty is a process that required devotion, and does not happen overnight. Thanks to the mentorship they received from one of the top cyber security researchers on the BugBounter Platform, and their hard work, three students from the Istanbul Technical University Cyber Security Club submitted their first reports on the BugBounter Platform. Therefore, we are happy to announce that the BugBounter Community is developing solidly.

💡 Cyber Security Tip: Donating as a Company

After the earthquake many companies and individuals decided to donate to the NGOs who send help to the disaster-affected areas. But it’s important to stay vigilant against the cyber criminals who want to manipulate transactions to redirect to donated funds to their account, or steal information of the donators. This month’s cyber security tip focuses on this matter:

Before donating to a disaster relief NGO, verify their legitimacy on their website and social media. Don’t click on links or download attachments in emails or social media messages. Use a secure payment gateway or donate directly on their site. Consider a virtual/low-limit credit card. Keep security software updated.

📄 Cyber Security Blog Post

cyber resilience

Stronger Cyber Resilience: How to Build it?

Stronger cyber resilience is essential for an organization’s capacity to respond effectively to a cyber attack and bounce back from the attack’s impacts with no or very little damage.

❓Need to know more?

The BugBounter Team and the global Community of more 3.500 cyber security researcher are 24/7 available on our diverse and flexible bug bounty platform. If you have questions about how can you discover the most critical bugs in your digital assets, or why should you discover them, contact us to get your questions answered today.

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