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What Do Security Testers Do? What Is Security Testing?

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Today, we perform almost all of our transactions on digital platforms. Even if we do not take any action, we use digital platforms or applications to spend time, have fun or chat with someone close to us. On these platforms, we often have to register and enter our personal information. In the face of such a situation, there are always many internet attackers standing by. These people try to access personal information or accounts by catching security vulnerabilities in these platforms or applications. 

Institutions, businesses, companies, and individuals try to take the necessary precautions to protect their information and avoid material damage. Before these measures are taken, the company or service provider wants to detect security vulnerabilities in its platform. For this, the company takes help from experts. These experts detect and report security vulnerabilities in the application or page with Security Tests.  On the other hand, Bug bounty hunters or Security Testers gain in this process and benefit the other party.

What Is Security Testing? How To Do Security Testing?

Security Test is a type of Software Test that reveals the vulnerabilities of the system and protects the data and resources of the system from possible internet attackers/hackers. Security Testing aims to prevent the loss of software systems, applications, and websites. It enables to foresee and repair of possible dangers. The security test of any system detects all security vulnerabilities of the system that may cause loss of information, the reputation of the organization or material damage. Emerging security vulnerabilities are reported and repaired before they are announced to the public to be fixed.

Why Is Security Testing Important?

Security tests are very important. Security tests don’t just find vulnerabilities. It also allows us to detect any additional action that can be taken on the system, web page or application when it is hijacked. With security tests, when a vulnerability is found, the application or page has the opportunity to be repaired before it is put into service. Since security tests have very well-equipped and advanced software, the domain is also quite large. Recently, it has become mandatory for most pages and applications. You can prevent financial losses with security tests.

Types Of Security Testing

Security Tests are created to identify threats in the system, measure potential security vulnerabilities of the system, help detect all possible security risks in the system, and help developers solve security problems through coding. There are different types of Security Tests. Each security test has basic principles such as confidentiality and integrity. The Security Test types are the following:

  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Security Scanning
  • Penetration Test
  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Auditing
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Posture Assessment

What Is Security Testers Job Description? What Do Security Testers Do?

The Security Testers are responsible for finding security vulnerabilities in a network, application or web page, detecting and reporting actions that can be taken when it is seized by the attackers. When they detect security vulnerabilities, they can provide solutions. Since these people are experts in software and coding, they can see all kinds of security vulnerabilities.

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