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Bug Bounty Tips: Master Networking for Better Hacking

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Bug Bounty Tips: Master Networking for Better Hacking

This week’s bug bounty tip is by Shivam Kumar Singh! Shivam shares his bug bounty tip about networking better hacking with the international community of cybersecurity researchers on BugBounter.

In the dynamic world of bug bounty hunting, understanding networks is like having a superpower. The better you are at networking, the more precise and effective your hacking skills become. Let’s break down some fundamental tips in simple terms that can elevate your bug bounty game.

The Foundation: IPv4 and IPv6

Think of IPv4 and IPv6 as the languages computers use to communicate on the internet. Knowing both gives bug bounty hunters a powerful edge. It’s like being bilingual in the digital world.

Your Map in the Digital Jungle: OSI Model

The OSI Model is like a map that guides you through the complexities of computer networks. It has seven layers, each serving a unique purpose. Understanding these layers is like having a compass in the vast digital jungle, helping bug bounty hunters navigate with confidence.

Pinpointing Vulnerabilities: The Art of Subnetting

Subnetting is the bug bounty hunter’s magnifying glass. It allows you to zoom in on specific parts of a network, making it easier to pinpoint vulnerabilities. It’s a crucial skill that adds precision to your hacking endeavors.

Know Your Target: System Architecture

Before diving into hacking, take the time to understand the architecture of the system you’re targeting. Think of it as studying the layout of a building before attempting a break-in. This proactive approach sets the stage for more successful and accurate exploits.

In conclusion, if you aspire to be a top-notch bug bounty hunter, focus on mastering networking. Whether it’s grasping IPv4 and IPv6, navigating the OSI Model, understanding subnetting, or decoding system architecture, these tips provide a roadmap for honing your skills. Embrace these basics, and you’ll find yourself navigating the bug bounty landscape with confidence.

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